Tech Triathlon Title

About Us

We are a sports club team supported by the Texas Tech Sports Club Federation. We accept all athletes from all levels of experience; from beginner to expert. We are an academically focused team meaning all of our athletes are recognized as students first and academics take priority.Team Picture 2013-14 phase

Our Mission Statement:

The Texas Tech Triathlon Team is a multi-sport club that promotes swimmingcycling, and running. During the year we compete in numerous races throughout the state of Texas and across the country. We hold 6 practices a week as a team, in order to foster each other’s strengths and grow in unity. We strive to involve students in the multi-sport lifestyle, and to help each team member achieve his or her goals through discipline and perseverance.

*Video credit: KTTZ TV,  89.1, Channel 5 TV


*Video Credit: John Rushing